Lookup an aircraft registry number



I’m wondering if there is a way to look up an aircrafts registry number based on the company name it’s registered to? I looked at the FAA web site, and didn’t see anything obvious (but I may be looking for the wrong thing)…



Are you trying to turn a flight with an ICAO prefix into an N-number? For example, COA1448 into N12345?


Try registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/defimg.asp


Cool – the link was exactly what I was looking for. If I know the owner, I wanted to turn that into a tail number.




There’s a caveat to this. The FAA registry shows the registered owner, not the actual operator. There are many aircraft that are leased from banks, leasing companies, and other companies. Hence, you’ll see a lot of aircraft that appear to be operated by Wells Fargo yet they are actually leased out to someone else.

What you might want to do if you come across an aircraft that is shown as operated by a bank is to do a Google search on the registration to see if you can find the actual operator.

You can find a list of aircraft registries of both the USA and other countires at www.landings.com. Click on the databases link at the top of the page.


Or, search for that tail number on www.airliners.net They have an extensive collection of photos, not just airliners.