Get operating airline by tail number

I’m searching for a way to get the operating airline or registrant by the tail number.
For example tail ‘GEZDJ’ is operated by easyJet.
FlightAware has that data, as you can see on
I only don’t know how te retreive that data. The operation ‘TailOwner’ will not work for this.

What I need is a way to get the ICAO (EZY) or IATA (U2) by the tail number G-EZDJ.

Has anyone a suggestion for that?

There’s no way to do it directly with the API that I’m aware of.

You could get most of the way there by grabbing flight data and building your own database of tails and assumed operators based on flight numbers, but, that’s potentially time consuming and not always accurate.

In FlightXML v2, you would use FlighInfoEx and in FlightXML v3, you would use FlightInfoStatus

FlightInfoEx does only return flights but flight identifiers are not suitable for aircraft operator identification (charters, codesharing, etc)

Sorry, those will return the code. You can use AirlineInfo in v2 or v3 to get the airline information.