Lookup a single flight by faFlightID

I’ve been using the FlightXML2 API for a while now. Overall I really like it. There is one strange omission that is easily worked around by filtering the returned data but still seems like it should be supported.

If I know the faFlightID of a flight, I should be able to lookup a single flight by that ID. Right now if I want the information returned by FlightInfoEx for that flight, I have to make a call to FlightInfoEx with the ident for the flight, and then filter the list of results for the one with the matching faFlightID that I’m interested in.

Please add a new method to get equivalent information to FlightInfoEx but with a faFlightID as the input, or add a filter to FlightInfoEx that can be specified in the request itself. It seems like a looking up a single flight should also be billed at a lower rate to calling FlightInfoEx which can return many results.


You should now be able to use FlightInfoEx to query by faFlightID. It will only return the single flight, rather than a list of multiple. The price is still the same, since it’s still basically the same amount of work for us to generate the results.

Great, I really appreciate the addition and how receptive your team is to suggestions!

While I understand that the price will be the same (probably for simplicity sake), it would be nice in the future if there was a cheaper way to get this information. If it was indexed differently it seems like it should be cheaper on your side to retrieve info for a single flight than many. Or perhaps depending on the value of the howMany parameter, you could bill fractions of a request (1/15th for 1 flight result compared to the usual 15 results).

Anyway, thanks again!