FlightInfo vs FlightInfoEx

I have searched forums and read documentation. Can’t seem to find the answer.

What is the difference between FlightInfo & FlightInfoEx and why is one nearly 4 times the price per query than the other?

On another topic I’ve seen threads where people have asked about getting pushback and gate arrival times rather than takeoff & landing. It’s been a while since it was last asked. Is there a way of obtaining that information.

Thanks in advance

FlightInfoEx includes the faFlightID field, while FlightInfo does not.

The FlightInfo function is considered legacy, and was intended only to simplify the migration of applications from FlightXML1. Since the motivation was to encourage people to use FlightInfoEx instead of FlightInfo, the FlightInfoEx function is priced to be less expensive to use.

To obtain gate information, you should call AirlineFlightInfo once you have obtained the faFlightID using FlightInfoEx.

thanks for the quick response.

Having a look at Airlineflightinfo there is no time output in the response AirlineFlightInfoStruct

Also if I understand this is tier 2 pricing so will cost 0.0076 per individual request or per 15 results returned?

You’re right, AirlineFlightInfo just currently has gate/terminal information and not the gate times. We have that planned for the next version of FlightXML later this summer. I can give you instructions for accessing a beta version of our API if those gate times are really important for you to have.

In general, any API call that has a “howMany” argument has a cost that is the same for up to 15 rows of data returned. Therefore, it is usually not useful to request fewer than 15 results. To request more than 15 results, you must first opt-in by calling the SetMaximumResultSize at least once for your account. After that, any API call that has a “howMany” argument will allow you to request more than 15, but you will be charged a multiplier based on how many 15-row “pages” were returned.

If I could get access to the beta that would be great. The gate times are what my app needs more than touchdown and take off times.

If I could make a suggestion it would probably be that gate times were included in FlightInfoEx or similar in the next version.

Either that or allow ArlineFlightID to be done using tailnumber which would then return multiple results for that tail number up to the max size setting.

Just to clarify. AirlineFlightID doesn’t have a howMany argument and will only return one unique flight so for each single return it is the cost of one tier 2 query.

Thanks Again


I have the same request - pushback time and gate arrival time are needed for my app too. How do I apply to have access to BETA version of the next XML feature?