FlightXML3 Results Per Query Pricing

Checked the Forums and would like further clarification on the pricing structure for FlightXML3.

To confirm even on the Silver level where I can get 150 records per query this will be treated as

  1. 10 queries ie 150/15. or

  2. one query for the 150 results returned

If I do a query with 150 set as the limit and it returns 67 results how many queries will that cost?

On Another note

I’ve noticed that 10-15% of the results are missing either a destination or departure despite the fact that routing is available. Is this a known issue with the beta?

150 returns would be 10 queries. 67 returns would be 5 queries. 67/15 = 4.46667 and then round up.

Could you provide an example of what you are querying and a result or 2 from that query?

After a bit more investigation I’ve been using the 3 letter IATA code due to the way my app works. It appears that dataset returned has the 4 letter ICAO code but on some results the destination.alternate_ident field in FlightInfoStatus is empty.

eg QFA73-1508986800-schedule-0000

I can provide more faflight IDs if you like

Looking at the data, my guess would be it is looking for IATA for alternate_ident, but that his not how the database is set up. I has ident and icao, whereas Sydney has iata and icao. I can put in a ticket, but not sure how long it will take for them to get to the issue. If it is an airport that starts with K, you can use the 3 digits after the K for the IATA.