Looking for advice for backup handheld gps and Comm. radio

Like advice about a good handheld for emergency backup. Would like a moving map display. Also recommendations for a handheld comm.

What’s your budget as that will probably be your deciding factor?

Any handheld GPS will do the trick for emergency purposes. I have a Garmin 296 that just about serves up everything I needed for my flying but XM and the kitchen sink.

Don’t have any thoughts on a handheld radio as I never had one.

The one thing about handhelds that I have heard is that unless you have an external antennae or are flying an open cockpit airplane they have about a 3 to 5 mile range. As a backup that is fine. By law they are limited in transmit power to, I think, 5 watts. Having said that, Icom has a good reputation. Check their website, some of the handhelds will also receive VOR signals and show the radial you are on.
Hookup with your local avionics shop, they get trade in stuff all the time.

Whatever handheld you get…keep the batts charged. In a nordo stuation its really sweet to have if it works. speaking from experience… :blush: