Long Delta A330-200 flight SIN-ATL non-stop


This might be the second longest A332 flight ever.

flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL9 … /WSSS/KATL

Back from interior refurb in Singapore, 18hrs 36min, 4 pilots on board.

This flight left SIN with 239500 lbs of fuel and arrived ATL with 20300 lbs.

Longest A332 flight was a Qantas delivery flight that went Toulouse - Melbourne @ 20hrs and 4min.


Is this the longest A330 flight in terms of distance, or was the QF delivery flight longer?


Yeah it might be. Great Circle Mapper shows TLS-MEL at 10,494 miles but I don’t know the exact route the plane took and don’t think there is a track anywhere. SIN-ATL is 9,969 miles but the southern route that DL took to take advantage of the tailwinds puts the distance at 10,737 miles.

Here’s another long A332 flight, the delivery of HA’s second Bus, 8,050 miles into the wind.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N381 … /LFBO/PHNL