locked threads

who locks a thread? and once it is locked can it ever be opened again? and why is a thread locked?

Comments regarding rugs, carpets, and drapes seem like a sure way to get a thread locked! :blush:

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

FlightAware staff can lock and unlock threads, although unlocking is rare.

Threads are generally locked for being duplicates or straying off-topic from aviation.

thanks only tried to post in locked thread a few times. finally look and typed three or four pages then find that i just typed all that in a locked thread. guess i will look better for the little stinkin lock.

Since when is refurbishment not aviation related?..http://forum.digital-digest.com/images/smilies/biggrinangelB.gif

if you are talking about refurbishing those worn out jets, so they dont have to hears us complain about the expenditures. 8) 8)

if they showed this picture in locked threads, i dont think there would be a problem with trying to post in locked threads YBY

Fly and I were referring to a thread (a rather intriguing one) that was locked before you came on to the FA scene.

10-4 sorry thought my little smart a** post was funny? how about it? make you laugh although i butted in again??

Whaaat? Did someone say locked thread?.. I’m not guilty, I’m just drawn that way! :imp:

That a girl… :wink:

No hon, it was the shag comment, broke the lock threshold :smiley: :smiley:

Squeal!!! :blush: kiss

(That was an aviation related kiss, cause he’s a pilot and therefore keeping with the overall theme of aviation. Hence, this thread is not lockable :slight_smile:

I’m surprised the forum will let you get to the posting page for a locked thread.

At least I have one fan around here… :blush: :wink:

I assure you I was talking about removing the Shag Carpet in Globemasters airplane. You guys thoughts went into the gutter.

Frank Holbert

FRANK!!! I missed you! :smiley:. All we need is JHEM, Allen, FedEx, and
we’ll be locked and loaded then! :slight_smile:

kiss Dreamy sigh bats eyelashes

I could make a comment about push-backs, and washing and waxing horizontal and vertical stabilizers, but then we’d be off the refurbishment topic and onto maintenance! :smiling_imp: :wink:

i dont know, we will chock it up to not paying attention :blush: and will look for that little locked thread thing. :smiley: