Best Thread award


Should we have a Best Thread Award at the end of the year? The award will go to the person who’s thread has the most votes.


I’m thinking of a word…three letters long, secondary meaning is happy…yup, that would be the one to discribe this poll…


Here’s a crazy idea…If you really CARE which thread is the best, just browse through the list, and see which one has the most replies. Chances are good that that’s the best one, for one reason or another. Chances are also good that pika1000,damiross,JHEM, cfijames, nitro, ipod, needlenose, tobyz1, myself, and perhaps others are spending valuable thread space pi$$ing on each other’s postings. :smiling_imp: We’re always up for that! Some may even say that’s what GIVES a thread its greatness… :unamused:


I don’t know planeaholic, I was considering voting for THIS thread as the best one of the year!

And in keeping with pika1000’s excellent suggestion, I would have no qualms in voting that CessnaCitationX has posted the best gay thread of the year!

Let’s hear it for the winner!!!


James the Elder


You heard it here folks…I AM GREATNESS!!!

Now if that isn’t taking something out of context, someone PLEASE explain what is!!!


I’m not sure if that’s the list of greatness, or a freakishly hideous police lineup!! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: (Hey–I included myself in this too)

BTW: Pika1000, you’d make a great politician…Wait, haven’t we been down this road before?!?


I think we have. My wife actually brought that up this morning. She wants me to run for Tulsa City Council in 2008.


Everybody start moving out of Tulsa!


I’ve spent dozens and dozens of hours (well, actualy 3 seconds) thinking about this topic. It would be difficult to pick the ONE best thread because any thread that I post in becomes the best. Add Pika and the rest of the gang into one thread and you have a thread that is better than best.

Pika: You can’t run for political office. To be a politician, you need to get a lobotomy to get rid of any common sense you may have.

Q: What’s 10,000 politicians at the bottom of the lake?
A: A good start


All I said is that she wants me to. I never said I would. Besides, I’m not part of the “good ole boy” network in Tulsa…


planeaholic I don’t pi$$ on threads… much. :smiley: But i have to get my reading and writing done somewheres and we all know that it doesn’t come from school anymore. So… This is my school work reading,writing, talking out of turn, being disruptive, and distracking others. So like I said it’s school. :smiley:


Why nitro is NOT part of the gang…no discussion or review needed.


Whats that me your royal smart a$$? :confused: I’m not good enough for you?


Point made…


Oh thats low :cry:




what again? you know want me to talk to you. You in bad mood you need sucky sucky $5. Eww thats wrong JUST KIDDING


Bad mood??? HELL NO! It’s Friday, have a 5:10 tee time, cooler of “adult beverages” in the back of my car ready to go, wife and kid out of town for the weekend visiting her brother, NO BAD MOOD HERE


AWWW Golfing the best way to enjoy the outdoors. To windy here. I live 3 minutes from a golf course. Have Fun. Oh what kind of adult beverages? :smiley: :laughing: Have a good one.


And you wanted to leave him out!! Doesn’t every “gang” need someone to pick on repeatedly? Although, I must say, I’d never imagine someone getting so upset about being left out of such a half-assed enterprise.