Location of receiver always changing


I have a SDB-S receiver, and i notice on the map that my location is always moving. And i am always putting the right coordinates into the map settings, but they wont hold. Is that normal’


Reading through some old posts, it sounds like it is a bug in the software on their end that will be addressed in the future. I have the same thing happening. But rest assured that your data is uploading well. I would quote a thread, but I am on my phone responding.


I had this same issue, but now the manual location correction works for me.


It doesn’t usually stay. However, IMHO it is a lower priority issue than other items on the developers plate. They will resolve the issue in their copious free time :slight_smile:


Developers with copious amounts of free time???

Y’all hiring network guys? :laughing:


Just after the peripatetic Pi location issue, on their punch list is the sarcasm font repair. :open_mouth:


Same for me, but it’s now been days after it was manually updated. It’s still holding. Something with their system must have changed.


My location on the map seems to have stopped moving around as well.


I wish my location on the map would stay where I put it, and not wonder off by 30 miles. I know why it does it - the signals I receive are blocked by a rise in the landscpe to the East, so more of the signals I receive come from the SE.

Could the system be updated with a flag to say the user has set their receiver location and the system shouldn’t try to guess it’s location and update it.


I doubt your explanation is correct. Mine has finally stopped wandering around, too. I did set a preference to use my actual location. That wasn’t the solution, though, unless it kicked in delayed. Judging what people have been posting, I’d suggest keeping on correcting your location. Apparently, eventually it will settle down. Or just wait for the bug fix to be announced.