Location disappeared


what can cause my location to go away. I turned off VPN no difference. How do i reset it?



What do you mean by ‘go away’?
Your location on your stats page looks believable.

Location: (28.1, -82.6)


I have no location on my piware map, no distance markers, no location marker……



Location is set on the FlightAware myADSB page. When the PiAware site connects to the FlightAware Server it grabs the location and then starts up dump1090 with the location.

So either you site is not logging into to your FlightAware account or there might be something blocking the connection during login.

The sky view map will work locally without connecting to FlightAware.

If you can SSH remote connect to the site and then run the command

cat /var/log/piaware.log

You will see something like:

Connecting to FlightAware adept server at piaware.flightaware.com/1200
Connection with adept server at piaware.flightaware.com/1200 established
TLS handshake with adept server at piaware.flightaware.com/1200 completed
FlightAware server certificate validated
encrypted session established with FlightAware
adept reported location: 29, -95, 166ft AMSL


Do you mean the map on FA’s site or on your local Skyview map?


Somehow I lost my sync with flightaware and reentered my ID in the piaware-config.txt and it worked. Thanks for getting back to me.