local activity window size


Was a change in the resizing the specific airport window effected yesterday? I have not changed any settings and I cannot drag the corner to resize.


What browser?


Firefox Worked just before yesterdays maintenance.


I’m at work and same thing with IE7 both machines XP SP3


And you’re trying to resize the window that pops up with the big map?

Can you take a screenshot showing what you’re trying to do?


Yes. I go to the page that has the three fields to the left for tail number, flight number or airport ID.
Type KIND in airport ID and click view activity. Single left click on the mini window that shows KIND data to the right of the rectangle that has the airport diagram and volume graph far left. This brings up the overlay of KIND that refreshes and sits on top of the main page. I used to be able to right corner drag to resize so it would fill in all of my secondary monitor. Now it is only what size it opens as. The main page still has the corner grab device for resizing. I have a screenshot but can’t get it to migrate here.


That shouldn’t be happening and we can’t reproduce it here in any browser.

The map doesn’t get any bigger when you resize the window, so I guess all you’re missing out on is our pretty blue background.


So you are saying I should still have the corner drag feature as I did before?

Yes, I know it does not expand the info area it allows me to go full OR reduce as needed to see icons on the secondary monitor.


Google to the rescue: dom.disable_window_move_resize was set to false Why it changed I have no idea.

Now I need to check settings at work on IE7


Yes; glad to see you found the setting in Firefox that had been flipped.