Text cut in half

When I go to “View Airport Activity,” and then click on the map to open the larger map, the text at the bottom is cut in half vertically.

For KSMF, for example, it reads “Flights in blue are to/from KSMF; flights in green are in the vicinity” but only the upper half of those words appear.

By clicking on and highlighting in a downward motion the window contents shift and the wording is then completely visible.

If the large map window were 1/4 to 3/8" taller, it would be fine.

I use WinXP SP1 / Internet Explorer. Monitor resolution is 1280 by 1024 pixels.

Iden - Northern California

A Firefox user mentioned to me that the larger “View Airport Activity” window doesn’t even show the top of the letters at the bottom of the window – “Flights in blue are to/from Kxxx; flights in green are in the vicinity.”

Also, I clicked on an advertisement link at the top, inside the larger map window, and it was way taller than the window with no convenient way to scroll it.

Pressing F11 (Internet Explorer) toggles the map or ad in the window to full screen. One ad I viewed that way (maybe all) will then scroll with my mouse wheel. Not all Internet Explorer users are familiar with F11.

Iden - Northern California