Flight tracking


Why are some flights in green and others in blue at airports? :unamused:


From the bottom of the map: “Flights in blue are to/from KSFO; flights in green are in the vicinity.”


So, when I’m looking at a map of Washington Dulles, the blue planes are going to or coming from San Francisco? :smiley:

That information does not show in Internet Explorer windows. It almost doesn’t show in Firefox - the words are about 25% cut off there.


You’ve got to be smarter than what you just said, NeedleHose. You should know that I used SFO only as an example. Just substitute “KSFO” with the name of the airport the map is centered

You may need to adjust your monitor or browser settings. When I used Firefox, all but the bottom of the descenders (e.g. the lower portion of the letter"g") show. Pressing F11 (function key 11), gets you get a full screen and the entire legend shows.

I just looked in Internet Explorer (are there still people out there willingly using that thing?) and it does cut off the bottom. Again, by pressing F11, the entire legend is shown.

In Opera, about 1/4 of the legend is missing. However, if I move the screen up by putting the cursor on the map then scrolling up, it all shows. F11, once again, brings up a full screen and shows the entire legend.


Yeah - I should know better… But to the new, uninitiated user, it may not be so clear. I just couldn’t resist. :stuck_out_tongue:


Monitor settings won’t affect display, just makes the whole window bigger or smaller and will not change the content of the window for viewability. My screen rez on both of my monitors are set at the highest available resolution of 1280 by 1024 and all the viewing problems being described, I am encountering.

Hit F11 a second time to put it back in restore down mode if you don’t want to stare at so much blank space, then you can drag the bottom portion of the window down the 1/4 inch to display words. Work around, naturally, I wouldn’t consider this a fix. This was done in MSIE 7.0 and MSIE 6.0.

Adjusting text size under View seems to be broke on my MSIE 7.0, doesn’t affect the display of Flight Aware under any resolution. Same on my wife’s laptop with MSIE 6.0 (she doesn’t want to upgrade). Not sure what’s up with that. It does adjust on the MS homepage, but not CNN. Must be frames disabling the text size adjustment would be my guess?

Opera 9.26, push the minus key to the right of the number keys 3 times and this will compress the picture within the window **OR ** grab the bottom portion of the window and drag it down to view letters (do not need to push F11). Push the + key to zoom in. Note, it only zooms to the upper left corner, it doesnt’ allow you to pan around the picture, nor are there scroll bars to pan right and left or up and down. Scroll bars do appear on the Flight Aware main page as well as here in the discussion forums, so I am not sure why the different behavior. May play with this a little later, as it may be something nice to be able to do with auto refresh enabled to be able to view at a glance.

Interesting that Firefox, Opera and MSIE used F11 for full screen viewing. That is a first feature I have seen between three different browsers that are exactly the same.



Oh MAN!!! Now why’d ya hafta go an’ say sumthin’ like THAT!?!
S’okay - I got your number! I know where you live! :smiling_imp:


I went from my screen setting of 1152 x 864 to 800 x 600. Made a huge difference - made everything so big I couldn’t read the bottom of the screens.

Smart woman, although you should encourage her to upgrade to Firefox.

As is F5 (refresh screen) and Esc (stop, as in I decided I didn’t want to go to that page)


Oh no doubt, you are right, you won’t see the right edges and bottom edges, but it didn’t change the viewability within the window. In otherwords, the contents of what you saw within the window was the same in relationship to the size of the window, just your monitor wasn’t big enough to house the entire window nor did it decrease the size of the picture in relationship to the window, just either magnified everything or minified everything. Probably better said it did not zoom in or out the contents of the window.

Surprisingly, only Opera that I could see between all of the browsers had the capability to change the viewability within the window when viewing airport activity (zoom in or out in ten percent increments), where as MSIE wouldn’t do a thing, only has a full page preview. Looked up Firefox capabilities and it looks like you can get an addon for a little more flexible zoom capability for airport images addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/139

Heh heh, she didn’t want MSIE7, I know she don’t want to learn a new browser :slight_smile: The main reason I don’t use firefox is the tab handling is not as well as Opera in how it cycles the tabs. Didn’t delve much further then that as the tabs feature in Opera seem to work best compared to MSIE or FIrefox.

Yep, forget about F5, though escape doesn’t do anything in Opera, that I can see.

Got to play with Opera and zoomed in images, and found that you can pan the image, using the arrow keys which works perfectly for me.

This thread got me to thinking, just how could I set my computer up for the “ultimate flight tracker view”.

See picasaweb.google.com/allenlieber … 0781665010 for up close and personal view of KMBO Auto refreshes retain the position :slight_smile: I could zoom in much closer, but this time of the night, not much traffic!

Left side is my left monitor and right side is my right monitor.