blue planes on tracking screen


silly question , as I am new to this… Why are some planes “blue” ?




Blue aircraft are operating into or out of the primary airport on the map page you are viewing. Green aircraft are simply operating in the area, not to/from the specific airport.


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the government just wants you to think that…actually the chemtrail planes don’t show up on FA 8)

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I understand about the blue 'plane icons on an airport page…plane is either inbound or outbound to or from that airport. But I’ve noticed blue icons on another map that I can’t find an explanation for in the FAQ.
On the Aircraft Airborne by Type maps I often see blue icons that I can’t match up to the flight table. For example, if i’m looking at the Airborne P180 aircraft I’ll often see a blue plane. In these cases there is no “primary” airport involved, only the 'ports that aircraft air in-flight to or from.

Any thoughts?

R. Dietz


If the map server doesn’t know the origin or destination, the aircraft will be blue instead of green.



Thanks for that prompt resopnse! I swear I learn something new about FA every day :slight_smile: And let me say again that I appreciate FA so much…you guys are awesom


I second that!


Still unfortunate that when one requests a specific airport, the blue airplanes don’t get priority idents. Instead, one gets info on who cares transients and no ID on the requested traffic because of spacing.


I’d demand my money back for you. I mean, after all, you are spending upwards of what? $1,000 a year for the service? No, that doesn’t seem right. How about $500? No, that’s not right either. Let’s see? $250? $125? 19.99? No to all. How about $0.00? And I bet you don’t even click on the ads to support FlightAware financially.

In other words, just because YOU don’t like the fact that “blue airplanes don’t get priority idents. Instend, one gets info on who cares transients…” doesn’t mean everyone else thinks the same way.

This is the best flight tracker I’ve seen. The FlightAware staff does a great job at bringing a great service to the masses at no charge to them.

Go FlightAware!


Once again, I have to agree…completely…



You acknowledge that any ideas, concepts, techniques, (“suggestions”) for new or existing services submitted to FlightAware or discussed on the FlightAware Discussions forums are not confidential or proprietary. FlightAware will have an unrestricted, irrevocable, world-wide, royalty free right to use, disseminate, display, distribute, and exploit any suggestions.

Now that you have a verbatim read of rule 7, decide on the price of what I asked for. Feel free, as is the policy, to charge for and exploit it.

I’m certain I’m not the only one that would like IDs on the blues and transients to go away, as a toggle type option. But meanwhile, act like I slammed the whole site as being useless, just because I voiced an opinion. :unamused:

Start a poll and see how stupid my idea is. Then tell me the real cost to implement instead of the “you did not pay enough yet” drivel.


Not so fast, I love seeing the transients, as I like to match them up with the contrails way above.
Now, maybe a suggestion would be a mouseover type popup, (not unlike those when you roll over the airport name and it tells you what city, or aircraft type when you mouse over to it, it tells you what type the a/c code is) maybe they could come up with a roll over to where it will ident it. For my inbounds and outbounds I look at the departed or enroute/arrivial section and it tells me what I need to know. Sure some of the busier airports are tougher, but if you’re looking at ORD, you’re gonna have some blue a/c that won’t show identification, there’s just not enough screen room.

At any rate though, these guys do hell of a job, it’s not perfect, but we’re not sitting here directing air traffic, and if we’re using it for commercial tracking purposes, there is the commercial services tab.


Just let the Flight Aware **staff **members know about the rude treatment you received in this thread via PM…


And to think I thought it was the changing of the seasons that caused the ground to feel colder…


Rule 7 of what?


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I might be wrong, though.


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