List of all detected aircraft by FlightFeeder site


It would be nice to see a list of all unique aircraft that each site (and/or user/flight crew) had seen, perhaps with some kind of historical record of how often/when each is seen.

It may be worth displaying only a small chunk of the history at a time to save server resources, but it would be nice to see say a week at a time, and perhaps be able to occasionally generate an “all time” list.

I imagine the ICAO numbers would be the best unique identifier to track in such a list?


This is the feature I looking for. How often and how many times seen…


We don’t have a capability for this today but it is something we will consider in the future. You can also connect third party software such as Virtual Radar Server, adsbScope, etc. to your PiAware or FlightFeeder to add additional capabilities such as logging.