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Aircraft displayed that I am not tracking.


I have been unable to figure out why there are so many aircraft displayed on my live data page that my piaware receive are not tracking either present or past.

I am sure it is something I am missing when reading FAQ etc. but can’t figure it out.



Is that even the case when you open/refresh your browser window?

Yes, that is the case.

For example, I can see an aircraft but when I check the track log there is no indication that my receiver was used to record a position.

I think you are doing fine, given you have over 2 dozen feeders in the vicinity. The algorithm on the FA servers decides what data to ultimately display on the site, however, that does not mean you are not contributing data.

Your coverage and daily stats show the range and quantum of data you are contributing.

Ahhh, OK. So if it came down to you or me, FA would calculate which one of us was providing the most accurate and timely data and present it accordingly.

Also, are you logged in when you check your stats page? I think FA has temporarily disabled tracked aircraft visibility except for one’s own due to performance issues. To seeaircrafts you’ve tracked you should login and then view your stats page.

I am, thanks.