Liability for my employer

I have a commercial pilot certificate with instrument rating. I have almost 4000 hour military and civilian flight time. For the last 15 years, I have been flying my Grumman Tiger, at my own expense as part of my job, so I don’t have to stay over night as much as I would have to if I drove. I’m in the Automobile business and am responsible for car dealerships in different cities.
Recently Corporate hired a new controller. Suddenly, it has been decided that having an employee fly their own plane, while being paid by the company is too risky and puts the company in danger with our workmans comp carrier. They are also worried about liability if I injure someone else. I carry 1 Million in liability insurance. Other then add the company to my policy, is there anything else I can do? 1 million does not mean much to a very large company.

What is 8432L?

I’d find a new employer. Your situation is not uncommon but the new bean counter doesn’t appreciate what you have to offer the company.

N-number? N8432L is C172 though.

I’ve been know to fly for business with more than one company. Business travel passengers included peers, directors. VP’s even the owner of the company. Accounting never knew, I always expensed trips as if I drove them in my car, highway mileage from MapQuest.

Your error was in letting accounting find out. What Frank said!

Workman’s comp is no more in effect when you fly than it is when you are driving. Why would they have more liability exposure with you in a plane than in a car? Can you sit down and discuss this with the controller?

I fear your flying days are numbered unless you are willing to simply lie in the future about your method of travel, and that path is fraught with perils.

Confucius say, fholbert and JHEI very smart man.

Most medium and large size companies in the U.S. forbid their employees from using personal aircraft in business. If there’s an accident, they become the deep pocket - just like reimbursed travel to/from company events in a car.

Only company I knew that allowed it was IBM - only because Tom Watson Jr. was an avid pilot. IIRC, they’ve since prohibited personal aircraft in business travel.

I’ve had dozens of corporate insurance policies over the years - they’ve all expressly prohibited it.

8432L is a 172 I owned for many years. I sold it to a flying club recently.