I am 53 with Comm. and Instrument ratings but have not gotten into a flying job as of yet. I have been told that I am too old to start another career., what are your thoughts. Thanks for your input.


Plain and simple: age discrimination is against the law:

If you get the feeling that you are being told by employers that you are too old then contact the US EEOC.


Some people just like to hate. I’m 14 and already taking pilot lessons in order for a CPL for FedEx.


Shouldn’t be a problem- we need able bodied folks in the biz.


I’m 56, retired and working a new job (not aviation). I have run into problems getting good jobs because 1) I am the wrong color, 2) I am over qualified 3) No one wants to hire an older person. It’s just the facts of life that no company will tell you ON THE RECORD.


pt135-not age limited
pt91-not age limited

So, I’d say no. You’re not too old to start a new career. Enjoy the journey :slight_smile:


We hired a 71 year old dude in the G200. No Pryor jet exp. in the last 20 years.
(use to fly off aircraft carriers)
The issue is with the insurance company.


It always seems to boil down to either lawyers or insurance companies. They are one reason the economy is so screwed up.

In the 1980s an airline in Hawaii called Air Molokai flew 2 DC-3s. They never - repeat, never - had an accident or incident with the aircraft in many years of operating them. Yet, their f*ing insurance company raised their rates so high on the DC-3 that it was no longer possible to operate them at a profit. The airline couldn’t survive flying just their Cessna 402s and soon went out of business.