age 65, changes to the job market?


Just curious what everybody thinks will happen to the job market now that the 121 guys can stick around to 65.

I’ve already seen several ads looking for direct entry captains that had already retired. Has anybody seen or heard anything that has actually happened yet?

Not looking for a discussion on age 65 specifically, just the effect on the job market for pilots.



Excuse my ignorance, but WTH is a 121 guy?


No problem, legit question. 121 is the FAR part number the airlines operate under. Up until a few days ago part 121 pilots had to retire at age 60, a new law that just went into effect lets them stay to age 65 as long as they have somebody else in the cockpit, usually a first officer, that is under 60.

I was just wondering what everybody thought this 5 year jump in the mandatory retirement age will do for the job market.



The net effect will be virtually no hiring at the majors for the next five years. Since the rule is not retroactive, the ads you are seeing are regional carriers looking to fill their pilot shortage with experienced guys that can’t go back to their last gig.


How does that work given that previous retirees are exempt from the new rule?

E.g., if you were 60+ when the new age rule went into effect you’re not covered as the rule isn’t retroactive.


Let’s look at it a little closer, but I believe that by it not being retroactive means that a pilot affected cannot be reinstated to the position that he/she was forced by the old rule to retire from. However, I don’t believe that it precludes them from working at another 121 carrier until they are forced to retire again. :question:


It isn’t retroactive in that the airline you retired from at age 60 is under no obligation to hire you back at you old position. Otherwise someone who is 62 is free to go back to work at a 121 Carrier.
asav8r is correct, the ads I’ve seen targeting this group have been either regionals or freight airlines in need of Captains. I’m also afraid one consequence is going to be a real slow down in hiring at the majors. It probably won’t completely stop the majors from doing some hiring due to expansion and pilots retiring before 65 though. I’m afraid this will slow down job upgrades throughout the industry.


lol, we must have been typing at the same time!


Check, now I understand, thanks to both of you.


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