length of flight

Im starting flying lessons again after about a 35 year layoff. Im going to be flying out of an airport in Northwest Tennessee.When I do my cross country flight does anyone have any idea it will take me to get to an airport in the Denver area flying a 172

Welcome and congratulations on restarting your lessons.
That’s a long cross country for a lesson scenario. Are you starting your Private Pilot training again, or is this for an advanced license?
It’s roughly 900 Nautical miles from Memphis to Denver, a 172 cruises at roughly 100 knots so 9 hours give or take the headwind and number of stops. (round numbers, I’m trying to keep the math simple.)


Are you talking about Denver in Colorado or Denver in Tennessee? (Don’t know if the latter has an airport nearby)

8 miles to the North East… 0M5

Good info John, and there’s also the minor matter of:

KMEM elevation - 341 Feet.

KDEN elevation - 5,431 Feet.

As John noted good on you blue1976camaro for picking up your lessons where you left off 35 years ago.

Welcome to FA.


I`m talking about from Northwest Tennessee to Denver,CO

Had first lesson in about 35years today everything went great and I loved it,cann`t wait to do it again

Good job!

Need to keep a blog somewhere and post us a link so we can watch your progress and relive our past :slight_smile: