Denver runways

I’m not a pilot, just love flying. I’m landing in Denver for the first time and I want to be on the Rockies side of the plane during final. I’ll be on a 737. Seems most commercial lands on 34 or 35. Is that correct? Being at the front range could it change to 16 or 17 at any time? Thanks

It all depends on the winds at the time. Obviously that depends on time of the season and weather at the time you’re coming in. It’s a crapshoot between the 16s/34s and 17s/35s. I would say you’re more than likely to get the 16s, 17s, 7, or 8 during the summer, when the winds come from the south (Texas/monsoonal), while the winters should come from the north/northwest, giving you 34s/35s for landing and possibly departing 25 or 26. If winds are calm, it then will be whatever SOPs are for the field.

Only thing I would suggest is to check the latest METAR reports shortly before your flight.


Hopefully you receive this before your flight. Where are you arriving from?

I’d say you have a 50/50 chance of being on the right side of the aircraft. Although, everytime I’ve been there, we landed 25/26