Question: Determining runway for takeoffs and landings


Is there a way to determine with Flight Aware the runway aircraft use for takeoff or landing? I am specifically trying to get a sense of takeoffs and landings from KSTL 11/29 ( I intend to update my webpage regarding the first commercial flight that landed on that runway (


Not directly. Checking the wind shown in the weather report will give you a clue but if the wind is light aircraft don’t always takeoff/land into the wind due to other factors. Often a runway built out away from the main airport will be a “one way” runway just due to the taxi length involved. I would imagine STL would use 29 as a departure runway and 11 as a landing runway 99% of the time. I am looking at STL right now and the surface wind is 220/09 but it looks like 11/12 are the active runways.


Thank you for the response. You confirmed my suspicions that the runway used for a flight’s takeoff or landing is not directly available in Flight Aware.

I work adjacent to the KSTL. I rarely see aircraft taking off and landing on 11/29. I’ve seen most of the traffic is on 12R/30L or 12L/30R when I am driving to or from work.

I’ve read comments that airlines tend to avoid 11/29 due to greater taxi time leading to greater fuel burn.


You could also listen to the ATIS and get the runway in use.