Overlay Airport/Runway approaches onto Map

I live fairly close to KSTL and see flights over my house on a regular basis.

I also see them flying over the various highways as I am driving around the area.

I would like to know pretty much by looking at the flight path if the plane is flying the QBALL NINE approach or say which ILS to one of the runways.

I’ve pretty much figured out when they are flying the ILS/LOC to runway 24 because I know exactly where ZUMAY is which is the OM for runway 24.

I’ve not been able to find anything like this anywhere online. I can find approach charts and departure procedures but they do not show highways etc which is what I am interested in, obviously just for enthusiast reasons and nothing more.

Thanks in advance.

Sadly, 24 is about the only runway you can get a sure fire bet on unless you are as close to the field as I find myself for work, as the approaches for the 30s and 29 as well as the 12s and 11 are pretty similar until they get right up on the airport proper. About the only time coming in I know for sure is where 270 or 170 intersects the approach on each end, although 29/11 is a bit easier as they seem long from 170 and short from 270. For the Sids and STARs the best I can come up with would be the basic conjecture of where you see them and what direction they are heading. You maybe able to get some of the info you want from the area sectionals and the IFR charts and cross referencing them, a good site for that would be here - vfrmap.com/?type=vfrc&lat=38.749 … 70&zoom=10
I hop that helps as I’m not sure how many others on here are local to the area.