Flight Time

What will be the approx flight time in a Baron from northwest TN to Denver

Figure it out at 200 knots cruise for a Baron.

Is that in a Baron 55? I should have mentioned that in my first post

Google is your friend :wink:


Go to FlightAware’s flight planning. One of the shared aircraft is a Baron 58 (that should be close enough to a 55 to get an estimate). You can put in a flight plan using your departure airport and DEN to get a rough idea.

Not being sure where in Tennessee you are leaving from, I entered a flight for Baron 58 from MEM to DEN departing now (10:40 PDT) with one soul on board and leaving everything else at the default. Depending on altitude and routing, the flight time ranges from about 4:53 to 5:37.

FlightAware’s Free Flight Planning Utility would be able to answer that. We don’t have a profile for the BE55, but we do for the BE58 (as stated above) and you’re not going to have hours differences between them.

If you’d like, call the FlightAware office at (713) 877-9018 or (800) 713-8570 Ext. 714 and I would be more than happy to walk you through it if you need assistance. It’s the most accurate free service out there and we’re sure all pilots will attest to it.

JHEM had it right the first time.

Get out your plotter, a few WAC charts and do the math. You are a student pilot, so make this a learning lesson

:wink: I like your style JHEM and Flyboy!!

Yes the electronic flight planning tools are good to use, but especially as a student pilot, learn the old fashion way. On your checkride it’ll be amazing how quickly your batteries will “fall” out of your electronic flight computer, and it’s amazing how on a long cross country your batteries will die and all you have is this brown and green peice of paper with little magenta circles and numbers and codes, and this clear peice of plastic that looks like something the nerds in school used to play with. Use the electronic versions to see if you’re in the ballpark but the old fashion way is much more failsafe in real life.

Once you get real good at it, you’ll get this sick appreciation about the whole thing , performance charts too, that when your flight goes like you planned it, you’ll think thats pretty neat, and you’ll actually prefer to do it the old fashion, dead reckoning, and planning way :smiley:

Didn’t we do this about a year ago?

Thanks guys. I was going to say that David and Jawad weren’t doing the OP any favors by pointing him (or her) towards any of the automated flight planning apps available. As a student, the ability to work it out with a pencil could pay handsome dividends in the future, perhaps even your life!

But, I’m a curmudgeon who believes you should learn dead reckoning and celestial navigation before heading offshore. You never know when the GPS could get turned off again! http://fc00.deviantart.com/fs9/i/2006/044/a/8/Shock_by_WoodlandSpirit.gif

Actually, had he done that first and googled the Baron performance, he wouldn’t have been posting his question.

I sure wasn’t going to do the math for him :wink:

One would hope you’re correct, but I fear John was correct as well in his assessment that this is a case of deja moo. http://fc03.deviantart.com/fs20/f/2007/284/b/5/Bull_Shit_by_parliamentFunk.gif

I’d suspect you and John are right…

discussions.flightaware.com/sear … 172student

He does ask rather seemingly easily researchable questions. For the most part anyway…

That’s the plus in it that we see something like that and assume he’s probably not working on getting his private in a BE55.

With a CFI background, I’m with ya’ll on doing the math if you’re learning (and sometimes after that)…shoot I still don’t even own an electronic E6B, etc. :slight_smile:

He doesn’t need to know how to flight plan, he’ll be flying an airplane with G1000! :wink:

What a change. There was a time when I got in trouble for saying “look it up.” Now I’m in trouble for giving the answer. :slight_smile:

The other posters here do have it right when they say the original poster should plot it out. Going a step further, I think he should then use the flight planner to verify his plotting.

Like others here, I am a firm believer in knowing the “why” of something. It’s why I don’t believe kids in school should use calculators until they get the basics down.


To ballpark, I look up the type of plane I’m interested in, find one flying a similar distance in the same direction (ie westbound into the wind).

That’s a good suggestion, Wazzu90. Wish I’d have thought of it first.

If the original poster is persistent, he may even find a Baron going between the two airports he’s interested in.


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