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Last flight 8 months ago?

Flight W63258 left Isaral today
Your site says:
Last flight 8 months ago
Quite ridiculous… isn’t it ?

I’m not sure what you’re looking at; https://flightaware.com/live/flight/WZZ3258 shows current daily flights including one currently in the air.

What is the URL where you’re seeing 8 months ago?

Looks like it’s this one:

Aha, interestingly I get nothing at all for that one when logged in.

This is probably IATA/ICAO confusion (W6 is the IATA, WZZ is the ICAO). We generally track flights by ICAO prefix. We’ll autoconvert an IATA prefix in most cases, but IATA prefixes with numbers are an exception to that rule.

If you search for Wizz Air flights via the search box it’ll correctly take you to the WZZ version.

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Search for Wizz Air flight 3258 and you will find the flight you’re looking for.


Understood it…


I have seen this happen before but rarely.