last departure?


The last IFR departure for BTL (N218DP) shows up on the airport page, but under myflightaware, the last departure and arrivals are empty.


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You might want to make sure you are logged in there otherwise it might not show. If you are using a internet browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer there might be some difficulties. I see it fine I’m not sure why you wouldn’t try that and see what happens!

Holton :smiley:


It’s a bug related to blocked traffic.

It’s usually the other way around; works fine in everything but IE.


O sorry! My mistake. It appears fine to me though every time.

Holton :smiley:


N218DP is not a blocked aircraft.

I also see the problem with PTK airport.

3 IFR’s have departed but none listed on myflightaware.

Not a big problem, just thought I’d let you know. :slight_smile:


True, but at the time of your post there was a more recent blocked arrival and departure.