Last Departure

When going to My FlightAware (the page where you see the registration numbers and airports you choose to watch), how long is the “last departure” good for at an airport.

The reason I ask is because the last departure at PTK was 30 mins ago at 8:00et (1200Z), but the “last departure” line is blank.

Sorry, looks like a bug in My Flightaware. The last arrival/departure should be displayed if they’re within the last week.

Thanks for the reply.

If it’s any help, it APPEARS as though the last departure lasts until:

a) another departure takes place (duh)
b) no more than about 15-20 minutes if no other departure has taken place.

Has this bug been fixed?

Cause if it has, I still see the error. :astonished:

I guess it hasn’t been fixed then :wink: