Flight History Question

When searching for all flights between any two given airports, I thought that it used to give you all flights in the past week. Now, it is just giving me flights in the last 24 hours. Was the system changed, or was I just imagining the week long window? Thanks.

r u logged in?

How can I look to see what time the plane arrived if it was last night? All I see are future flights.

Welcome to flight aware CPMM6414

Did the plane fly IFR or VFR last night? If it flew VFR (Visual Flight Rules) it may (or may not) show up in Flight Aware. IFR is Instrument Flight Rules which show up in Flight Aware 99.9999999 percent of the time.

As a former aircraft dispatcher from the military I actually know what those are, but this was an International flight going to Switzerland Delta 066. I believe the aircraft went out of range over the Pacific Northwest and I was looking for a way to confirm the time it landed over there. (My daughter was on the flight with a high school group)

It’s always helpful then to include a flight number or tail number for GA as you just did in your subsequent post. I couldn’t tell your experience with aviation thus simplifying my original answer since it wasn’t clear if it was GA or commercial. :wink:

flightaware.com/about/faq.rvt#intl may help?

dal66 didn’t go over the pacific northwest.

the arrival times is shwon for all flights back to late june

Yes I was.

I think it was only ever supposed to show a day, but there was a long standing bug where it showed more (3 days, a week, or two weeks at one point).

This “bug” seems like a nice feature, like if I want to check football charter flights.

Yeah Mark. It’s not a “bug”, it’s a “feature”!

It’s now back to 6 days. Any longer and the days of the week become confusing.