Plane arrived/departed, not showing up.....


As of 8:00pm eastern time on the 22nd, when you go to the activity page for KBTL, you do NOT see a recent JetBlue departure or arrival…

However, if you put KBTL into your airports to watch on your very own “My Flight Aware,” you will see the last departure was that JetBlue flight.


Why are these 2 JetBlue flights (4645 and 4448) NOT showing up on the live activity for BTL either as arrived or departed?


Click on the “(More)” link to the right of the word “Departures” or “Arrivals”, and voil…


I knew about the “more” feature, however, with the A320 landing 20 minutes after the last one listed on the live page for BTL and me checking 2 hours after it arrived, why wasn’t it listed on top?

In other words, why did I have to click “more?”