Landed right on time but over gross weight.


Made ya look.

Our 5th child was born on Friday. Rachel Hope. Coming in at 9lbs 4oz. and 20.5" :smiley:

that’s a small baby too

Now I need to look into a Navajo or 414. :wink:


Congratulations, leardvr!



Found out what’s causing it yet? :wink:


Failure of a safety device?


Congratulations, leardvr!!

P.S. Why is the mailman passing out cigars??? :wink:


Operator error!


Boot failure.




Made me look what a waste of time :imp: JKJK Congrats. But have fun trying to sleep at night. :laughing:


It is his fifth, I’m sure he only dreams of sleep.

oh, and congradulations leardvr.