L-39 Albatross near KMKC ~2200Z 20APR08


Can anyone identify the L-39 that was flying west-to-east, less than 10,000 ft, yesterday (Sunday) afternoon? It passed probably 5-6 miles south of KMKC. I heard a small jet approaching, and at first I thought it was a T38 from Whiteman. As it passed right over me, I made it out to be an Albatross, dark in color.



Not sure if it would be the same one, but there’s one based here at KSEE, usually see him up every weekend, but I haven’t seen him in weeks. Takes off for about an hour or so and comes back. Always VFR. I wonder how many dark colored Albatrosses there are…the one here is all black or ‘midnight’ blue. I forget the number. If you have a scanner, maybe grab it if you see him again. If you’re under some Class B, you’re gonna hear him sometime.


L-39 was most likely N152XX- Route was UIN to ICT. Aircraft was sold by my company Raptor Aviation and was being delivered to it’s new owner.



Thanks, Lisa!

I will add 152XX to my watch list to see if it comes around again.