KTRM's city tag

KTRM is tagged as Palm Springs. It should be Thermal, CA.
(Pretty good name for the place) 8)

Thermal and Bermuda Dunes both added Palm Springs to their names some time ago since nobody knew where they were. More of a marketing ploy than anything but they both officially have PS in the airport name. Any you’re right, Thermal is about right.


Wow I didn’t know Bermuda Dunes did that too…Last time I looked at KUDD it still said Bermuda Dunes.
Either way, both places always seemed to have enough jet traffic to keep a medium-sized FBO happy.

Actually I haven’t looked at UDD for a while. I was based there for a year in the late '80s. The airport manager was talking about doing the PS thing when I left. Anybody with a set of Jepp’s can look to see if it is still under Palm Springs or if they reverted to Bermuda Dunes.


Approach plates say Palm Springs/Bermuda Dunes