Petaluma Municiple Airport (O69) is showing up in the listings as "St. Mary’s Country Regional… OOPS! :exclamation: :question:


Well, maybe this is a trend. Middlesboro-Bell County Airport (1A6) is also being identified as “St. Mary’s County Rgnl Airport” by Flight Aware.


K22 , The Big Sandy Regional airport is not St. Mary’s county


As wazzu90 reported in the Airport name suddenly misreported forum topic, this appears to be a somewhat widespread issue. Presently, it seems any 3 character airport code that is not all alpha characters, will return a name of “St. Mary’s County Rgnl Airport”.


Yep! St. Mary’s County Rgnl Airport (Lumberton, NJ) [N14]


Add K81 as another St. Mary’s County.



repeat 17,500 times :blush: