Can we get the name Santa Paula associated with it’s identifier (KSZP, Santa Paula, CA) for Flight Aware? As of now the airport does not exist on this site.


Welcome to the forum calipilot! Good catch! You probably caught that one like I caught… (Oh, I not supposed to tell you! Daniel wouldn’t be happy!)



No apostrophe!

The grammar cop.


“If it’s its, it’s its. If its it is, it’s it’s.”

The grammar Supreme Court.


If only the US Supreme court could issue rulings as concise.

“I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be poor grammer, but I know it when I see it”

By the way, welcome to the formus calipilot- don’t fear the Grammer police too much, they have pretty limited jurisdiction in enforcing the rules!


Rules? We don’ need no steenkin’ RULES!


" its’ identifier ", pronoun is possessive, so apostrophe after the ‘s’

Hi, Welcome to GrammerAware… :wink:


NO NO NO NO NO NO. It can either be the contraction “it’s” or the word “its,” not “its’.” In this it’s (i.e. it is) “its” - not to be confused with the fantastic ice cream sandwich called “It’s It.”


owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/ … apost.html

D’oh! my bad!

apostophe added to end of noun after ’ s ’ if noun or pronoun is plural , like in ’ yous’ guy’s ’ :wink:


Some people have way to much time to complain about how someone spells.


’ to ’ should be ’ too ’ :slight_smile:


I think it has become almost to be expected as a joke. Once you hang out here enough, you realize that, just for S&G, some pick apart posts. Dami (aka Dave) does it just because he is the ring leader and it is his “thing”.


You’re new here so I’ll explain that we’re just bustin’.

It’s an ongoing joke.

James the Elder


So does anyone from FlightAware read and fix the problems mentioned or do we just have a bunch of people that read these forums that have nothing better to do than ridicule someone’s minor spelling and grammar errors. I think that it is pretty childish but that is just my opinion.


Uh, the latter.

Actually, FlightAware’s staff does read and listen.


We have a big airport list update in the works. We’re merging 3 different lists so there are a lot of duplicates and errors to correct.


I thought Californians were more laid back? And spelled better! :wink:


Most people from the west EXCEPT California are laid back. :wink:


Actually, that’s a myth. There are a lot of uptight (pronounced (liberal easily offended) people here in California - at least in the metro areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles.