KRIV alert

Hi!.. i enjoy your site very much. I was wondering if someone would be able to make me an alert when any delta (or northwest) aircraft lands or departs KRIV (march air reserve base in southern california) This would generate probably only 4 alerts per week, if that.

I will devote two alerts if needed (then will delete the northwest alert once their callsign is no longer used)

thank you!


thanks again! (now i can drive over and spot some unusual delta planes close to my house)

Hi again… i’m not trying to be a pain… but… i clicked ‘edit’ on the super-fancy alert you created me (to see if the alerts will be sent to my mobile e-mail instead of my regular Gmail address (because all the others by default get sent to Gmail untill i uncheck and check boxes)) … and i wasnt able to do it… pleeeeease.


Huh, I thought you could change the delivery options but I guess not. Anyway now it goes to both.