Voice Alerts


Hey guys,

as usual, great job with all the new updates.

I use the site every day… flight alerts and flight planning to be specific.

I ran into a situation today and came up with an idea you may consider playing with. I flew somebody somewhere this week, and tomorrow I am flying to pick them up and bring them back home… It’s my grandma and she is technologically… slow. She wanted a “smart” phone, so I got her one… She tries to text and whatnot, but she can’t do it constantly enough for me to be sure a text flight alert will be read and understood.

I developed a web-app a while back that required an alert be sent via a phone call with an automated message.

Have you ever thought of implementing a feature such as that?.. Setting up an alert so that it will call a person and tell them “N***** has departed K*** in [CITY, STATE] for K*** in [CITY, STATE]. ETA is XX:XX CDT.” I used an API from Twillo (twilio.com/)

Thanks for your time, and keep up the good work.


Awesome Idea!


I would also use this quite often.