King Air N45N



Any clue to what this aircraft is doing?

Interesting array on the belly.



Did a search on the company name:


Dynamic has a bunch of Government contracts. We see them over here in pairadice flying Embassy and Military staff in a King Air.
oh, and this flight: … /KNUQ/KNUQ takes them pretty much over my house in California. I asked them to check if there was a strange car in the driveway… :slight_smile:

John in Saudi


Aerial Survey work


Just an FYI, it is a B-200T. A long range patrol variant of the 200 built for the Japanese Maritime Patrol and Defense force. Basically observation bubble windows in aft baggage area, tip tanks for more endurance and higher operating weight to carry the equipment. About 50 or so built and most are in private contractors hands now because it is such a good special mission platform. It also takes a type rating, no sim for the ride and Qualified DPEs and FAA inspectors are far and few between.