KDFW Skylink Questions

Hey there- we’ve got a layover in DFX on our way from TPA to LIT.

Just curious if you can take the Skylink for a lap around the airport from some spotting without having to re-clear security.

Yes you can. Skylink is inside of the secured area. Enjoy…

I just did it yesterday. It is a hoot. I only got one lap in between flights. It is much more fun than the one in Chicago and laps that whole monstrous terminal and crosses every kind of activity. I only got to do it once, but it was a lot of fun. Hang on tight, though, it is fast and really rocks and rolls. Jan / CID

That’s great news!

About how long did the whole lap take? Our layover is shorter than I thought…

Click the link that azav8r provided - you can get a fairly good estimate of how long it would take.

I think it was no more than 20 minutes, but I was pretty distracted!

Does DFW usually have much in the way of heavies at the gates?

There will most likely be some triple 7s and 767s for AA, but you could see a couple of 747’s at terminal D.