Near Miss DFW Korean Air 772 ?

I was on the AAL flight on our climb out of dfw i looked out the window and saw the korean air and it looked too close. can anyone confirm this? I’m wondering if anyone can combine the two flight paths in google earth is it possible to load both data points to compare?

link to flight history on Korean air flight … W/tracklog

link to aa flight … /KDFW/KMCO

Ok, first of all in the flightaware FAQ, it says not to try to use this information to determine clearance between aircraft, as you will simply frustrate yourself.

Secondly, airliners are often appear close to each other in congested airspace. You have to remember, there only needs to be 1000 feet separation vertically, which practically looks like you are on top of each other, and just a few miles laterally, which when viewing a 747 looks a lot closer than it is. Unless you see it in the news, I wouldn’t worry about it.

It’s called a near hit, not a near miss.

Had you been in danger of hitting another aircraft it would have been on CNN, Fox by now.

You SURE you got the right flight numbers??? The times from the tracklog don’t match - they’re like three hours different.

I plotted the first trackpoint of AAL1592 and the last trackpoint of KAL31 which is the closest in latitude that the two planes came to one another based on the available track log data.

Apparently the Korean Air plane was landing (approaching from the northwest) while the American plane was taking off (departing to the southeast). From the two plotted trackpoints, it appears that the planes were using parallel runways - very typical at large airports like DFW.

Frankly, I fail to see how the two planes got so close as their closest point of convergence would have had to be on the ground at the airport… :confused: