Connection time needed at DFW.

Me and mom and dad may be connecting through Dfw on a Gso-Aus roundtrip this weekend it is my first time on American and at Dfw what is teh minium time needed to connect from an AA eagle flight onto a Mainline flight to Austin. Im only going from Eagle to Mainline on one segment the home dfw-gso is on a mad dog.

It’s a very large airport and AA is spread out amongst many smaller terminals. They’re all connected by a train and it’s pretty efficient. If AA booked your connections then you don’t have much to worry about.

The new train does the full loop in about 10 minutes (and also offers great views of the ramp) so your connection will be at WORST 15 minutes. The new train operates on the airside and is a vast improvement over the old TrAAin that operated on the groundside and required that you go back through security.

I just made a similar connection on my way from MKE to AUS (Eagle to AA). The SkyLink at DFW is your friend…don’t try to walk between terminals if your connection is less than 45 mins. The escalator up to the SkyLink is every 30 gates or so; look for the blue(?) signs. Likely AA gave you at least 30 mins at DFW.

yeah Hour Twenty Five both ways.

Thought it would be real easy to find minimum connecting times on the American Airlines site. It’s ain’t. I did find the times here. The minimums for a domestic to domestic flight connection at DFW is 40 minutes. There’s a footnote that says SF3<->SF3 has a connection time of 30 minutes.

The American Airlines website, unfortunately, is a piece of crap when it comes to searching for something. You’d also think that if the PDF timetable shows only direct and nonstop flights there would be something there about creating connections and the minimum time required between flights.

Airlines don’t set minimum connect times, airports do.

Google it and you will find it.

That’s how I found it.


BS, Allen.
Airline booking software sets “legal” minimum connecting times for individual airports according to the size/configuration of the airport and the type of flight (less time for domestic, more for international).

I did a Google search (the company doesn’t like it when you say google it) and I didn’t see anything about the airport setting the minimum connection time. In other words, if you are going to make a statement, back it up with facts. (Sound familiar?)

Really, what was the saying about teach a man to fish??? You don’t like it, do you! **Please remember that **when you tell someone to search AND you don’t give them the answers.

I have no problem backing up my statements and never did (unlike you) and readily am glad to provide them. … lanes.html

From the above link:

Airports set minimum connecting times, which travel agents call a “legal connection,” and that can be as little as 45 minutes between arrival and the departure of your connecting flight.


Minimum Connection times can vary quite a bit airport to airport. For AA/AE hub’s(e.g. DFW/ORD) MCT is listed at 35 minutes. Keep in mind, that the determining factor for MCT is not Passenger’s being able to be routed through the airport, but the amount of time deemed necessary to route the bag. DL has a MCT in ATL of 30 minutes, and DTW has a MCT of 35 as well. I seem to recall DEN having a rather high MCT of 45minutes.

It is actually determined by the airline at the airport, again due to us trying to route the bags.

Also, anything over 25minutes in DFW is gravy unless you require a wheelchair. The new train system couldn’t get any better.

If your whole trip is booked in one ticket then the airline is responsible for your onward flight, they guarantee the connecting flight. If you miss the flight they will have to put you on the next sceduled flight free of charge.

I know this is not helpfull if you miss your flight, you are still stuck in the airport but at least you know have some rights.

Hey i just got home from my Round trip from Gso-Aus roundtrip. Final Four was great UNC lost but it was a helluva championship game. I really liked the modern Aus Airport wish gso and everyother airport was like it. I got lucky both of my arrivals into Dfw were into D concourse (international). I almost didn’t have to change concourses on the dfw-aus leg but a gate change changed that :frowning: . Dfw is really convient outisde of the Gate changes i had both going and return trip. American is way better than Usairways in many more ways than i can mention though.

Sounds like a fun trip. Y’all got waxed!

DISCLAIMER: wazzu90 admits we got our asses handed to us by UNC