Kapalua Airport West Maui


Why does Flight Aware use PHJH for this airport The Faa uses PJHM for IFR flights (Example CPT8668) Thanks


PHJH is the correct ICAO code… PJHM is just prepending a P to the IATA code, likely a mistake made by the operator.


The faa has it as JHM or PJHM

faa.gov/airports_airtraffic/ … ID/A_K.htm


The ICAO code for Kapula CANNOT be PJHM. For Hawaii, the ICAO code will always start wtih PH.

The site Rickeyy referenced showed nothing about PJHM.


Thanks Damiross Just trying to track IFR flights out of Kapalua My brother lives there and he is always flying commerical to HNL He just wanted to track his flights I will tell him to fly out of ogg
Thanks again Rickeyy


I worked at the Unicom and did the weather obs there for a number of years!