PHTO info forwards to KHTO


I was playing around with planning flights for flight simulator and ran across this error.

If you enter PHTO, the ICAO identifier for Hilo International Airport into the airport code box, it goes to the arrivals and departures page for Hilo and shows the proper map, but if you click on the page to show airport information, it retrieves information for East Hampton Airport in New York, even though the title of the page says it is for PHTO in Hilo, HI. This seems to be an error in how Flightaware parses airport prefixes (P vs. K),so I hope this hasn’t already been adressed elsewhere.

Anyway… awesome site. Keep up the good work!


There seems to be errors in the Alaskan and Hawaiian airports, due to the P prefix, as you alluded to. Supposedly it’s being worked on.