Kalitta Air to layoff 200, parking 8 aircraft in 09


Found this on another message board.

iosconews.com/articles/2008/ … news02.txt


Well, their biggest client is the auto companies.

And if the auto companies either shut down or close plants that’s a lot less business for them.

I think we might hear similar news from USA Jet as they depend even more heavily on auto parts traffic than Kalitta (as Kalitta can compete in the more robust international heavy cargo market).


Yikes. The charter division is nearing completion on a new support facility in Tennessee.


Not exactly… USA Jet is finding new business with companies that are outsourcing equipment to Mexico. There is a Whirlpool plant here that is closing and they are flying DC-9’s outta here every month with 14,000 lbs of assembly equipment. Kalitta on the other hand, may be better off being bought by Southern Air Transport or something on that line… and that means that the order for the new 747-400F’s will be cancelled which in turn (to add a point to my post about Boeing) will hurt Boeing. Ugh, what a mess!!


They might want to hold on to some of those -400F’s…How many planes did Kalitta lose this year…2?