Jumping track in Skyview


Sometimes i get planes with really weird tracks jumping all around.

I made a screenshot and recorded the view1090-fa data from this plane:


(Because of file size limitations i took out the non position messages, grep lat 393CCB -A4 -B11
So some context after the actual position might be missing but it’s only some messages and i guessed it’s not important)


Looks like garbage data from the transponder (possibly two transponders and one is faulty), it looks like reasonably valid messages alternate with bad ones.


Is 393CCB the mode-S code?

Also, do you have the approximate date and time this happened?


It was today at 15:13 local time that is 1313Z. (good that the screenshot has a timestamp)
Wed Sep 26 15:13 CEST 2018

393CCB was the code i plugged into the --show-only of view1090-fa to produce the pastebin i linked.

It is also in many messages in the pastebin. I can give you the full trace with all messages i collected (pastebin has only position messages)

Thanks for having a look :slight_smile:

Edit: Here is the complete trace i collected:


This looks to be a problem with the transponder inside the plane. Lat, Lon and altitude are all over the place.

It doesn’t looks like the crazy messages got through to the website. They were some what filtered on our end.