JQ 61 - Sydney to Ho Chi Minh diverted back to Sydney

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone here has any information relating to the diversion of flight JQ 61 yesterday (21-6-22).
The reason I ask, I was walking my dog at approxiimately 5:15pm when I heard a horrible sound flying overhead. It was a very high pitched vibration which immediately indicated a significant mechanical issue,

I jumped straight on Flight Radar 24 and was able to identify the flight as JQ 61, Sydney to Ho Chi Minh .

Anyone know what happened…?

You may be able to look it up here:

I was a passenger on this flight. Pilots said there was an engine alert shortly after take off (one of them came out to look at one point).

Ended up dumping fuel (neat sight) to reduce weight before landing and being put in a hotel for a night.

If anyone does have more detail, id love to know too (some of the other passengers commented there were reports from people on the ground about it, but i could only find this)

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Hi Shaunrnm,

Thanks for getting back to me and providing a little more context.

The silence form the aireline industry is astonishing sometimes.