Watched a jpats flight make a stop at KRDU. When I looked in the FAA database it says the plane was exported to Indonesia.

Tail number was N279AD, and I believe I heard him use call sign of ACJ (aircraft justice). Tracked flight to Roanoke Regional. Posted photos on photo page.

Clearly plane isn’t in Indonesia. Is this how DOJ/USMS hides flights?

I assume you’re looking at this: … rtxt=279AD

The aircraft currently registered as N279AD (since 2014) is a 737-4Q8, serial #26279.

Previously, a different aircraft was registered as N279AD, a 737-200, serial #22279. That aircraft was deregistered in 2001 and exported to Indonesia.

The long and short of it is that the aircraft exported to Indonesia was not the one you saw and tracked.

Thanks for explaining that to me, I wasn’t sure. This is the first time I actually saw a “Con-Air” flight, pretty interesting how it all took place on the GA terminal tarmac.