Philippine Airlines – LAX – April 22, 2014 question....

As I was waiting for something else, a Philippine Airlines jumbo approached landing at LAX April 22, 2014 around 7pm…

Instead of doing a “regular” approach on the north side, it changed course to south-east, at a fairly high altitude, for a southern side approach and landing…happens now and then…

So just for kicks I fired off a shot, expecting to be able to identify plane later on…but although my shot is sharp, it isn’t sharp enough to read numbers on wing… : )

According to Planespotters, Philippine Airlines fly only four jumbos and the numbers are:
RP-C7471, RP-C7472, RP-C7473, RP-C7475

…problem is, FlightAware won’t provide any info for these numbers…anyway to identify based on this information…? – Plane would have landed around 7:15pm, April 22, 2014…

Thanks for any info or guidance…!

I’m showing it was RP-C7472 (Mode-S 7580D2)
Picked it up at 18:54:28 and lost it at 19:17:57 on April 22nd.
It took off again around 23:07:28 and lost the signal around 23:21:43
Note: Aircraft isn’t sending any ADS-B data. It doesn’t send any Flight ID on Mode-S :frowning:

Maybe you can find it on this historical Play-back LAX page.

Found this on WebTrak.

It’s showing the ‘changed course’ you saw. … /RPLL/KLAX

Note: These 747’s were all logged in SoCal in the last 4 days.
RP-C7475 (Mode-S not logged on April 22)
RP-C7471 (Mode-S not logged on April 22)

Philippine Airlines Airbus 340-313X(RP-C3436,RP-C3437,RP-C3435,RP-C3434) all equipped with ADS-B and sending Flight ID’s.

mtnbiker2005 – …fantastic… : )
…and I’m glad you replied because I wanted to thank you for the links you provided at an earlier time – great flight path tracking… – I even “tested” how accurate it is by predicting when an aircraft would become visible – first following on web page, then going outside to watch plane approach from east and hearing thrust reversal a few minutes later after touch down…
I live just north of LAX so looking east from my street (all streets are east-west and north-south) will allow seeing most planes arriving on the north side…weather permitting…
…and I’ve become “pretty good” at finding planes if I have a rough idea of where a plane should be (on the web page)…

…now I have to learn how to use the historical play-back site – didn’t see a provision for entering time data just yet, but will check more carefully…(I have to use Chrome for that link, there’s a problem with latest flash player plug-in for Mac OS, SnowLeopard and Safari)

Thanks again for links and data on the Philippine Airlines plane – really appreciate it…!