Jimmy buffet in st louis 10/6/09

Anyone know why jimmy buffet flew in this morning to st louis? He doesnt have a tour date scheduled here anytime soon.

He owns landshark beer and Budweiser is in St Louis. My bet is it has something to do with Landshark

Your probably right, I knew he owns landshark and i had heard a lot of net jets have been chartered this week coming here to go to AB. your probably correct.

I’ll ask a friend and let you know. The Landshark idea sounds pretty good though.

There was a private concert last night for A-B people (at least it appeared to be private). I have a good friend from college that works for them and she uploaded a picture to Facebook from the concert last night.

What’s his tail number?


but it is blocked.

Nice Falcon 900.

Bingo! Gotta love the “fin” painted on the #2 engine …

I’m a bigger fan of this one

Kenny Chesney, huh? I saw he got a line of goofy looking hats and clothes too…Some guys…

HAHAHA :laughing: I hate Kenny. He does dress stupid. :laughing:

What a cheeseball. How come N7KC comes back as a Falcon 200 (with a pic of it on FA) - not the tri-engined variety as shown here? I’m guessing he downgraded to the 200, but since he’s not exactly hurting for $$, I don’t know why he’d do something like that…

The 900EX shown is a new plane for him. He had the Falcon 200 before. All those stupid straw cowboy hats and armless tshirts must be selling well.

HAHAHA! :laughing: :laughing: That’s good! :laughing:

Hmm, then how come tracking “N7KC” on FA comes back as a Falcon 200 (even though it’s untrackable)? Something doesn’t add up right - I assume that FA gets it’s records from the FAA? But the pic of the 900 definitely has the same tail number. Did he literally JUST get that jet and get it painted up? I wouldn’t think there’d be that big of a delay in getting the records updated. And yeah - he just played here in Charleston about 3 weeks ago and I dropped off my neighbor at the venue (as he was HAMMERED drunk hours before the concert ever started). He told me that he’d buy me a ticket if I’d just go with him - and I told him that I’d rather give myself a vasectomy…

So when they are landing, does ATC say, " 7 Kenny Chesney clear to land 14R." Or, " 7 Kilo Charlie clear to land 14R…" :laughing: :laughing:

He upgraded recently but since it’s blocked … I dunno. Most of you know how I feel about blocked planes.

The federales have it right.

I think he got the 900 in June or July of 2009

FAA records indicate it’s owner is Falcon 200 INC based out of Nashville TM, and it’s a Falcon 900 EX as expected. It looks like he took delivery of it on 2-09. Also Jimmy Buffet doesn’t own Landshark beer, it’s owner is AB. My buddy does outdoor advertising and he deals with AB in regards to Landshark beer.