jetBlue grounds all e190s until 2/19?


Just found this on , why are they cancelling all e190s until the 19th???


Read the thread, it explains what’s going on. Basically, JBU is taking a more drastic action than most airlines, by grounding all the E190’s to “reset” the flight schedule and start over.


Not only that, but (as can be seen in another thread), they’re chartering larger a/c like 757s and a DC-10 to fill in certain routes today, and presumably for the next couple as well. What a mess. You can bet that there will be quite a few high-level meetings at jetBlue HQ this coming week.


Not only that, but I see NO E190s heading up to Portland, Maine tonight. Unless jetBlue is ferrying a plane up there tonight, there is not going to be a resumption of service tomorrow morning. Maybe they’ll ditch the first morning flight and catch up later in the day.